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ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8929-5965. Scopus author ID: 7202563947. Updated publications and citation information can be found here.

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Extracellular biochemistry and microenvironment

interphase cells.png

Innate immunity

rat spermatogonia.png
actd nucleoli.png
Coilin colon.png
Histone H3.png

Imaging technology

Cell nucleus 

Anticancer therapy development

Biology of loneliness


Patentability Search



A technology that enhances the learning of STEM subjects by mimicking tactile experience through the combined use of equipment phantoms and augmented reality (AR). YW Lam and KY Yu - US Patent App.17/809,041, 2022

Antimicrobial peptide, its analog and use. YW Lam, DWT Au, H Sun - US Patent 11065296, 2021 Bronze medal, Invention Geneva Evaluation Days (IGED) 2022.

Method of determining cell cycle stage distribution of cells. YW Lam, HJ Dong - US Patent 11,152,197, 2021

Nitridoosmium (VI) complexes for treatment of cancer. TC Lau, YW Lam, WL Man, WX Ni, C Che - US Patent 8,383,673, 2013

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