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My research 

as of August 2022


As principal investigator

Introducing a Narrative of Discovery to a Course on Advanced Biological Techniques: Turning the Classroom into a Biotech Start-up.


HOT-AR: enhancing the learning of chemistry laboratory skills by combining Hands-On Tactile (HOT) experience and Augmented-Reality (AR) technology

Machine Learning-driven Lead Optimization in Anticancer Drug Discovery          

A New Class of Antimicrobial Therapeutics That Targets the Envelope Stress Response of Gram-negative Bacteria 

Towards an Automated Detection System for Foodborne Pathogenic Microorganisms       


The Potential Therapeutic Effects of Sea Cucumber Extract TBL12 on Glioblastoma Combating Antibiotic Resistance by Exploring Bacterial Envelope Stress Response as the Mechanism for Enhancing Collateral Sensitivity to Antibiotics

As co-investigator 

Flipping Online Classes and Distance Learning with Multiple Tools

A Compact System for Terahertz Imaging and Spectroscopy

Social Network Cultivation, Diurnal Cortisol, and Telomere Length: Testing the Rejuvenation Hypothesis

Biomarking Psychological Resilience with Salivary Cortisol in Chinese Undergraduates using Piecewise Linear Growth Curve Models

Biosensors for the Rapid Identification of Clinically Important Microorganisms

A Biosensor for the Low-Cost and Rapid Identification of Staphylococcus Aureus for Food Safety Surveillence

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