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ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8929-5965. Scopus author ID: 7202563947. Updated publications and citation information can be found here.

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Extracellular biochemistry and microenvironment

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Innate immunity

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Imaging technology

Cell nucleus 

Anticancer therapy development

Biology of loneliness


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Development of biological dyes and imaging technology

Shum J, Lee LC, Chiang MW, Lam YW, Lo KK. A Concerted Enzymatic and Bioorthogonal Approach for Extracellular and Intracellular Activation of Environment‐Sensitive Ruthenium (II)‐Based Imaging Probes and Photosensitizers. Angewandte Chemie. 2023 May 16:e202303931.


Huang L, Leung PKK, Lee LCC, Xu GX, Lam YW, Lo KKW. Photofunctional cyclometallated iridium (iii) polypyridine methylsulfone complexes as sulfhydryl-specific reagents for bioconjugation, bioimaging and photocytotoxic applications. Chemical Communications 58 (73), 10162-10165

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