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ORCID ID: 0000-0001-8929-5965. Scopus author ID: 7202563947. Updated publications and citation information can be found here.

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Extracellular biochemistry and microenvironment

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Innate immunity

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Imaging technology

Cell nucleus 

Anticancer therapy development

Biology of loneliness


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Innate immunity 

SW Tang, SH Kwok, X Li, KH Tang, JA Kubi, AS Brah, K Yeung, M Dong, YW Lam. A new class of antimicrobial therapeutics targeting the envelope stress response of gram-negative microorganisms: abridged secondary publication. Hong Kong Med J 2023; Accepted.


Dong M, Kwok SH, Humble JL, Liang Y, Tang SW, Tang KH, Tse MK, Lei JH, Ramalingam R, Koohi-Moghadam M, Au DW, Sun HY, Lam YW. BING, a novel antimicrobial peptide isolated from Japanese medaka plasma, targets bacterial envelope stress response by suppressing cpxR expression. Scientific reports. 2021 Jun 9;11(1):1-7.

Qiao W, Wong KH, Shen J, Wang W, Wu J, Li J, Lin Z, Chen Z, Matinlinna JP, Zheng Y, Wu S, Liu XY, Lai KP, Chen ZF, Lam YW*, Cheung KMC*, Yeung KWK*. TRPM7 kinase-mediated immunomodulation in macrophage plays a central role in magnesium ion-induced bone regeneration. Nature communications. 2021 May 17;12(1):1-5. *Co-corresponding authors. Featured in X-Mol (

Xu S,  Xie FJ,  Fallah S,  Babaei F,  Zhu L,  Wong KF,  Liang YM,  Ramalingam R,  Sun L,  Wang X,  Lam YW*,  Cheng SH*. (2020) Estrogen accelerates heart regeneration by promoting inflammatory responses in zebrafish. Journal of Endocrinology, 245(1), 39-51. *Co-corresponding authors. Recipient of the 2021 Society of Endocrinology Journal Award.

Xu Y, Zhou S, Lam YW, Pang SW. Dynamics of Natural Killer Cells Cytotoxicity in Microwell Arrays with Connecting Channels. Front Immunol. 2017 Aug 17;8:998.

Dong M, Seemann F, Humble JL, Liang Y, Peterson DR, Ye R, Ren H, Kim HS, Lee JS, Au DWT, Lam YW. Modification of the plasma complement protein profile by exogenous estrogens is indicative of a compromised immune competence in marine medaka (Oryzias melastigma). Fish Shellfish Immunol. 2017 Nov;70:260-269.

Dong M, Liang Y, Ramalingam R, Tang SW, Shen W, Ye R, Gopalakrishnan S, Au DW, Lam YW. Proteomic characterization of the interactions between fish serum proteins and waterborne bacteria reveals the suppression of anti-oxidative defense as a serum-mediated antimicrobial mechanism. Fish & shellfish immunology. 2017 Mar 31;62:96-106. 

Babaei F, Ramalingam R, Tavendale A, Liang Y, Yan LS, Ajuh P, Cheng SH, Lam YW. Novel Blood Collection Method Allows Plasma Proteome Analysis from Single Zebrafish. J Proteome Res. 2013 Feb 26;12 (4): 1580–1590 

Cheung HY, Wong MM, Cheung SH, Liang LY, Lam YW, Chiu SK. Differential actions of chlorhexidine on the cell wall of Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli. PLoS One. 2012;7(5):e36659. 

Lam KH, Ip WS, Lam YW, Chan SO, Ling TK, Au SW. Multiple conformations of the FliG C-terminal domain provide insight into flagellar motor switching. Structure. 2012 Feb 8;20(2):315-25. 

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