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My teaching 

BSc and MSc research projects


Asfar Anees, In silico drug screening: repurposing retired cytotoxicity data to discover novel cancer growth regulators.



HU yan, Characterisation of potential antimicrobial peptides from Black Soldier Fly larvae. (Featured in a TV documentary)

XU yiqiong, Characterisation of pro-osteogenic compounds extracted from Hong Kong oyster.

Liu Hon Yu and Wun Tsz Chun, N-gram analysis reveals a correlation between public renown and the winning of Nobel peace and literature prizes.

Chow Chun Wai and Hui Kit Ying, Linguistic inquiry and word count analysis on interviews of Nobel laureates reveals differences in communication styles between natural scientists and economists.

Florence Yiu Ping Ting and Stanley Cheng Ka Chun, An analysis on the family structure of Nobel prize laureates.



Li Ka Kit, Discovery Of A Novel Cancer Type-Sepecific Compound By Upcycling Retired Cytotoxicity Data From Public Database

CHEN Jiaqi, Using an artificial blood brain barrier to investigate the potential inhibitory effect of sea cucumber extract on glioblastoma and atypical rhabdoid tumour

ZHANG Xueyu, The effect of proteins extracted from the shell of Hong Kong oyster (Crassostrea hongkongensis) and Portuguese oyster (Crassostrea angulata) on the biomineralisation of mouse osteoprogenitor cells MC3T3-E1



TANG Kin Hung, Investigation into the inhibitory mechanism of a novel antimicrobial peptide BING against the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

Diao Xin, Discovery of Novel Anticancer Drug by Using Machine Learning Approach



KWOK Shu Hin, The effect of a novel antimicrobial peptide on the development of antibiotic resistance in bacteria

LUK Wing On, Mapping the substrate specificity of bacterial secreted proteases


Lam Wing Yin, Suppression of bacterial antioxidant defenses by fish serum proteins


Li Chun, Sexual dimorphism in zebrafish heart regeneration


Lee Cheuk Lam, The relationship between AP4 and macropinocytosis


Yip La Lai, Hannah, Identification of novel factors for neurite outgrowth of neuro 2A cell with proteomics analysis during differentiation



Tang Sze Wing, Stringent requirement for spatial arrangement of extracellular matrix in supporting cell morphogenesis and differentiation



Yuen Ka Fai, Investigation of acidosis effect of cell culture in different cell densities with gamma-H2AX histone as marker of DNA damage

Chu Ho Kuen, The application of contrast-enhanced X-ray microtomography in investigating the three- dimensional anatomy of Zebrafish



Chan Hao, The role of glutamine in the regulation of cell proliferation

Tramy Chan Hor Yi, Antimicrobial Activities of Biological Products and Synthetic Chemicals

Ryan Lau Kin Yan, Whole cell MALDI mass spectrometry: a novel label-free method for assessing cell cycle distribution



Irene Chan Hiu Ying, Unexpected contribution of the materials and methods in cell culture to the efficiency of apoptosis induction

Ada Au, Meta-analysis of the reproducibility of cell viability measurements of HeLa cells after exposure to etoposide



Joanna Mei Ling Yeung, Bioinformatic analysis of the tissue expression pattern of nucleolar proteins

Skylar Ka Po Tang, Effect of hypoxia on the differentiation of erthyoleukemia K562

Dominic Chun Ho Law, Perception and Understanding of Science among University Students in Hong Kong



Sarah Ka Chi Cheung, Effect of Phenol on changes of transcription and DNA synthesis patterns in Medaka and HeLa cells

Eartha Ngan Ling Yip, Assessment of Cell Viability Tests in Toxicology Studies

Nikki Luk Ching Kong, Changes of cell surface proteins during apoptosis

Lucifer Hok Leung Ma, The new method for detection the toxicity of Okadaic acid, Saxitoxin and phenol to medaka fish RNA transcription



Nelson Yu Wing Tam, Location proteomics based on proximity labeling in situ

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