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My teaching 

Course I co-taught

CHEM8071 Research Methodology and Ethics

The overall goal of this course for research students is to develop a deeper view on the research methodology and corresponding ethics. The primary content will include research attitude, problem definition, literature search and review, quantitative and qualitative methods, presenting research materials, publication and research career. Special emphasis is given to research ethics and how to write applications for ethical approval. Students will also develop the subject of their research with critical thinking and individual judgement and obtain skills required in interpreting published results, writing research proposals, reports and dissertation in the area of chemical methods and technology.


GE1346 The Chemists Kitchen (The Science of Food and Cooking)

This course allows students to discover food and cooking from a scientific point of view with an emphasis on ways to cook better and to have a healthy life. The course material includes some introduction to biology and chemistry. Topics such as food selection, food evaluation and food composition are included. Methods of cooking different foods, such as eggs, meat, poultry, fish and shellfish, are discussed using a scientific perspective.  Teaching and learning activities in this course include lectures, tutorial demonstrations, laboratory experiments, short projects and food tasting experiment that will enhance the students’ discovery of important scientific issues related to food and cooking.


CHEM6120 Selected Topics in Chemistry & Molecular Sciences

This is an advanced course on a contemporary topic or group of topics in Pure and/or Applied Chemistry, with examples including catalysis chemistry, materials chemistry, green chemistry, chemical biology and advanced analytical techniques for modern chemistry research. The topic will be announced in advance when this course is offered.  It will provide a useful supplement to the advanced courses already specified in the programme.


CHEM1200 Discovery in Biology

This course aims to equip students with little or no biological background with basic biological concepts needed to navigate in a world where biological knowledge is becoming increasingly essential for a global citizen. In this course, students will be guided to explore the intricacy and complexity of organisms and integrate this knowledge into the world around them.

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